Lores Home
Lore's Home

Feature Film
Running Time: 90 min.
In development, 2022

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When her husband dies Lore gets into a frenzy of nightmares, memories and projections. While her children claim their inheritance she founds a community with strangers and frees herself from her family.

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Sin & Illy Still Alive
Sin & Illy Still Alive

Feature Film
Coming of Age
Running Time: 71 min.
Format: HD
Original version: German
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Italian

© abadon production and nanookfilm, 2015

Talca International Filmfest Montreal World Film Festival Manhattan Independent Film Festival

World of Film International Festival Best Director Feature Film Lichter Filmfest Festival BUZZ Cee International Film Fest


After a relapse into addiction Sin wants to withdraw from heroin on a greek island with her friend Illy, a young prostitute in Frankfurt/M. On their way to get Illy´s passport in the trailer home of her mother the whole misery of addiction and related crime reveals. Sin has to admit there ain´t no way out but alone.

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The Last Bus
The Last Bus

Short Film
Experimental/ Drama
Running Time: 11 min.
Format: 35 mm, color

© abadon production, 2008

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A stranded woman from the sea, a tired man from Asia and a last bus driver from Lisbon meet at the abyss and connect their journey into the night.

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